Bristol Wedding/Functions band – The Zu Zu Men first emerged from the dust at the start of the year of Our Lord 2012 & can already boast a list of favourites, 60 million strong, ranging from the ’30s to the present. Often expanding their repertoire by taking audience requests they quite miraculously learn new songs during live performances, adding a colourful panache & sass to their shows that leaves other bands wanting.

Theirs is a unique, propane driven show that never disappoints…

“This is a band whose musical prowess is matched only by their obvious & immediate physical beauty”…NME

“I didn’t know that music so perfect could exist. I’ve been weeping for days and now my extremities have gone numb”…Danny Glover

Ladies & gentlemen, I give you…

"What a great party! Your involvement was great fun. A good experience comes from a lot of hard work and professionalism. Harmonic & I would like to thank you for your part in our 10th Anniversary celebrations, particularly for all that you put into it. Your mash-up was particularly inspired! We have had several complimentary observations from our Staff and Associates on the evening, including comments that it was the best atmosphere of any 'work’s party' they’d been to, and you played no small part in continuing to creating that relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. It’s been a pleasure! Thanks once again for a great evening." - Andrea Tai-Noble- Harmonic Ltd. "From the first gig when we saw The Zu Zu Men play we knew they would be perfect for our wedding band. Brilliant song choices, great vocals and really tight arrangements. Throughout the lead up to our wedding day the communication from the band was always really clear and professional. On the day of our wedding they set up quickly and looked great in their top hats! Our guests were dancing from the very first song throughout the evening and were totally blown away by how good the band were. The mash-ups were a great success and people loved being able to request songs. Thank you for coming all the way from Bristol, we just wish we could organise another event to hire you again!!! We couldn't have been happier. Thank you for making our wedding rock!" - James & Alexandra Allberry "You know you've picked a good wedding band when you wished you'd put up a sign to say guests are only allowed to leave in the interval so you can spend more time on the dance floor. Working with these chaps was a pleasure from start to finish whether it was the friendly emails, the fun at the local gigs to check out their style, or during the big day itself. Nothing was too much trouble or even seemed to ruffle the smooth surface of calm that surrounds these men. Everyone absolutely loved their unique take on the songs they played, and with their seemingly limitless ability to swap instruments, configuration, and singing styles, and with the never ending playlist, the music didn't stop grabbing the shoes and making us dance all night. Would we do it again? In a heartbeat, only this time we'd book them to play all day!" - Megan & Tony Wright "We had a fabulous experience with The Zu Zu Men, everything from booking them to the actual evening was dealt with expertly and professionally, they put our minds at ease time and time again! The performance was great (as ever...!) Everyone had an amazing night and were thoroughly entertained! These guys are one of the best bands you will hear this century and everyone at our wedding will vouch for that!" - Mike & Emma Edwards "What can we say about The Zu Zu Men? They were absolutely amazing! We arranged to see them play at Sublime, Bristol. We planned to listen to them for about half an hour but they were so good we ended up staying for the whole gig. They had us up dancing straight away and this confirmed to us that they were the band for our wedding! On our wedding day the band were very professional, setting up before our reception and when they started playing their music they absolutely rocked. They had everyone up on their feet. We could see that everyone was loving them and the band were responding with more and more great tunes. We have now become big fans of the Zu Zu Men and will recommend them to all our friends and family. Thanks guys, you made our wedding very very special." - Aaron & Christina "We were not considering having a band at our wedding until we saw The Zu Zu Men. Once we had, we knew we had to pull out the stops to make it happen. When we booked them they could not have been more helpful and even learned a couple of songs for the occasion. On the day they did not disappoint. The set was the perfect mix of musicianship, great songs and humour. Immediately the dance floor was full. If anyone is looking for a band for any event where they would like guests to come away beaming, The Zu Zu Men would be the perfect choice." - Ian & Jess Phillips "We searched for a band for many months, we provisionally booked other bands but when we heard them play there was something missing...... then we found The Zu Zu Men. When we came to listen to you we knew you guys were the band for our big day, I could feel myself come alive and want to dance and rock along with your music. I was unsure how a 3-piece band would work, would the performance have enough depth for the large venue? You put to bed my reservations when I heard you perform as a 3-piece. From then on we were so excited about you playing at our wedding. From the moment you started playing you filled the dance floor with your quirky rocking alternative covers of well known songs, I saw some guests performing dance moves that I have never seen before and every age group loved you. We've had lots of comments on how good you were, they want to watch you perform again and I am sure they will highly recommend you to others. For any couples planning a wedding The Zu Zu Men will rock your night!!!!" - Natalie & Chris Fry